- Team Durango DEX410 - Jarred King - St Ives Challenge Cup - 29.05.2011 -

Who uses sway bars AT ALL on this car...? under what conditions?
I never run a front sway bar, I really should but cant seem to get them to stay on as the balls that hold the sway bar keep stripping the grub screws out every time for some reason and after my race I find my sway bar to be bouncing around the front end.

Are there any basic differences in setup for stock?
Setup between mod and stock Id say would not be much difference. The only major difference between my car and others would be the really thick diff oils. I have alot of experience in 1/8 racing and we tune the car this way. I suffer with alot of steering and to much is hard to drive. So i take steering away with thick oils. Alot of guys run around 10-15,000k in front and even lighter in rear.