- Durango DEX410/DEX410R - Building the Perfect Diff -

Keeping your diff leak free will keep the amount of track-side maintenance down on your Durango DEX410. Take your time to build your diffs well and they will stay leak free until you need to change / refresh your diff fluid. Here we use Green slime as our ‘Grease’ but any PTFE based grease will keep your seals performing at their best

Prior assembly the differential, check the fitting between outdrive and gear. Due to manufacturing tolerances, you may find some matches. Also, you can grind or file the outdrive's hex to obtain a less press fit assembly.

The Tools for the Job

Smear grease into the recess for the X-Ring

Insert X-Ring into recess

Insert Diff Outdrive

Fit retaining washer

Fit E Clip

Fit gear

Repeat the above steps for the ‘Plastic’ side of the diff

Fill Differential with silicone fluid to here

Assemble both halves and fit screws