- Durango DEX410/DEX410R - How to install 25mm in DEX410 -

The DEX410 was originally designed around lipo packs that were 23.5mm tall. This was the maximum height for a legal lipo battery at the time.

Since then there has been a change in the regulations, increasing this maximum height dimension to allow lipos of up to 25mm to be used for racing.

When developing the DEX410R model this change in battery regulations was taken into account and existing parts were revised to allow the fitment of 25mm high lipo packs.

Here we show you what parts are required to fit 25mm high lipos in the original DEX410.

Parts Required:





The centreline transmission on the DEX410 runs quite close to the battery pack. To use a taller battery the centreline transmission needs to be raised slightly.

Raising the slipper clutch assembly:
To do this there is a new motor mount and mid drive gear plate that raises the slipper assembly, these are part numbers TD310155 and TD310156.

New motor plate (TD310156) on the left mounts the slipper assembly in a higher position
then the original motor plate (TD310009) on the right.

New mid gear plate (TD310155) on the left mounts the slipper assembly in a higher position
then the original mid gear plate (TD310008) on the right.

Increasing the angle of the rear gearbox:
Raising the slipper assembly will give clearance for the battery pack in the middle of the car. It is also necessary to raise the angle of the gearbox to give clearance for the battery back along the length of the driveshaft. To do this we have updated the gearbox holder on TD310039 gear box set. This now holds the rear gear box at a slightly higher angle, giving the driveshaft more clearance over the battery pack.

New gearbox holder on the left holds the rear gearbox at a greater angle than the old gearbox holder.

With these parts fitted there is now clearance under the centre driveshaft for 25mm lipo battery packs.

Fitting the lipo battery holder:
There are two heights at which the lipo battery holder can be mounted. The lower one is for 23.5mm high lipo battery packs and the higher for 25mm high lipo battery packs.
At the hinge end the gearbox holder now has two holes. Use the upper hole for 25mm lipo battery packs.

New gearbox holder has two positions for mounting the battery strap.

We have modified the lipo battery holder, part TD320005, so that the parts tree now includes spacers to raise the front mount for the strap in the middle of the car. When using 25mm lipo batteries these spacers go in-between the front mount for the battery strap and the chassis, slightly longer screws will be required due to the thickness of the spacers.

The two spacers included in TD320005 are for spacing up the front battery mount when using 25mm lipo batteries.

With the spacers under the front battery mount and the battery strap fitted in the upper of the two positions for the hinge end you know have a secure fitting for your 25mm high lipo battery.