- Team Durango DEX210V2 - Jorn Neumann - European Championship - Trelleborg - 14-19.07.2014 -

Motor: Team Orion ESC: Team Orion
Battery: Thunder Power
Tyres: JConcepts Barcodes (Control)
Radio & Servos:Futaba 4PKS-R / Futaba
Body: Team Durango
Notes: New rear shock tower setup, shorter wheelbase and shorter body.

To focus your Team Durango vehicle on a specific track application, our new range of option parts will allow you to permanently transform your race machine to gain ‘on point’ performance. These selected option parts require some basic modelling skills, with minor modifications needed to your stock kit car. Gerd created the early Team Durango cars in this way, often hand-finishing items for a super-bespoke fit and finish.

Jörn was able to use an early version of just one new option part, to create a DEX210v2 that was completely focused for winning on the difficult low-grip dirt track. Jörn has won this ultra-competitive race using our new targeted performance rear bulkhead, designed for the DEX210v2 in rear motor configuration.

Equipment Used:
ORI65128 Vortex R10.1 Pro ESC (New)
ORI28261 VST2 9.5T Brushless Motor
ORI41445 150mm Sensor Wire
ORI30237 Touch Duo AC/DC Charger (New)
Geared: 25/81

R10.1 ESC Settings:
Running Mode: For/Brake
Drag Brake: 10%
Voltage Protection: 3.0/cell
DRRS Punch: 4
Brake Force: 87.5%
Reverse Force: 25%
Initial Brake: Drag Brake
Neutral Range: 6%
Overheat Protection: Disable
Boost Timing: 2
Turbo Timing: 12
Turbo Slope: 24
Turbo Delay: Off