- Team Durango DEX210 - Specification & Photos -

3 or 4 gear configuration in both rear and mid layouts with the same gearbox*.

Aluminium Chassis plate with moulded composite side plates
Moulded composite shock towers
Big Bore shocks
Aluminium FF and RR suspension blocks
Accepts stick or saddle pack battery in both mid and rear motor configurations
One body for both mid and rear configurations
Front end Adjustable wheelbase, axle trail, caster, camber, toe angle in the kit
Rear end Adjustable wheelbase, hub toe angle, camber in the kit
Dual pad slipper clutch
Droop screws front and rear
Captured CVD pins and over-size hub bearings
Ball Diff as standard. Gear diff will be available as an option

*Pending Patent GB1112236.3


JM Risser