- Team Durango DEX210 - Ryan Lutz - WCRC - ROAR Nationals - 11-14.08.2012 -

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ROAR 1/10th Electric Offroad Nationals

Out here on day two of qualification at West Coast RC in La Mirada, CA. One of the main goals at this event is to qualify for the Worlds which will next year be held at the soon to be opened Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, CA. After that goal of course is the matter at hand in tryin to make the mains in the hotly contested 1/10th buggy classes. Let me recap what has transpired thus far.

4WD Mod Buggy Ė My Durango DNX410v3 is getting really good with my prototype AKA clay compound tires. In Q1 I put in a solid run but was just a bit off pace as I was still searching for setup. Ended up 10th for the rd. In Q2 the track was very slick but I was on a good run considering the conditions. A few bobbles though would cost me a top 5 and I took 12th for the round. So not quite the finishes I would hope for but that should be enough to accomplish goal one of qualifying for the worlds next year.

In Q3 this morning my buggy was dialed. Being in the B resort I had about a 6 second lead at one point and was on a 20 lap run. However with two laps to go I skimmed a pipe on the table in front of the drivers stand and popped off the steering ball link. That run could have been a top 2. So a bit of disappointment as Iíve had my shot at making the A but just havenít sealed the deal. I will need a top 3 in rd 4 now to have a shot. Iím up for the challenge!

2WD Mod Ė This is the premier class and the competition is thick. I generally donít expect to much as I donít race the class often but my DEX210 and AKA tires are hooked up this weekend. In Q1 I did same as 4 wheeler and put in a solid safe run for a 10th for the round. In round 2 the track was much better than it had been and I drove a pretty solid run for my 2wd standards. However with the track being faster as it was my solid run was only good enough for 13th. Still waiting on rd 3 this afternoon but I think I can tighten up my lines and crack a top 10. Really would love to make the A in at least one class! Time to make it happen.

Well the remainder of the qualifications ended up being a major disappointment for me. I can blame it primarily on my poor driving. Not quite sure why I suddenly forgot how to drive but it happened. So itís a good thing I had a decent first day because nothing on the second day worked for me. I ended up qualified 5th in the B-main in both classes. At least I did reach my first goal of qualifying for the worlds. I will be putting the time in next year to prepare for that!

The B-mains ended up pretty solid for me. I put in two clean runs and just ran my own race fending off the pack behind me and finishing 4th in the B in both classes. So 14th overall for both puts me solidly into the Worlds next year and gives me some good motivation to get practicing some electric!



R. Lutz