- Team Durango DEX210 - Paul Dijkstra - BNK - Merchtem - 27.04.2014 -

On the 27th of April 2014 I had a Dutch-Belgian Nationalsí race (BNK) at the venue of Merchtem. The day went well - and without trying to sound arrogant - I was extremely impressed with the setup I made for the car! I would describe the handling as follows:
  • The car allows to be pushed extremely hard.
  • Impressive rear (sideways) bite and very forgiving (on-power) oversteer.
  • Lots of off-power steering, slight on-power understeer.
  • Very smooth and easy over bumps, it totally ignores them (as if they werenít even there).
  • The car didnít suffer from grip roll much, but that might happen if traction increases. If this happens, rear droop should be reduced.
  • Until recently, my DEX210 lacked rear end grip and suffered from snappy oversteer, particularly on-power. As a result I had been reducing front bite in order to make the car feel balanced. However with the setup I had at this event, the car was had loads more rear bite and felt more forgiving Ė hence I find the setup worth sharing.

    I think the setup works because the soft rear end adjusts/flows very well to the surface to keep traction, whereas the hard front end makes sure the car still feels responsive and direct (even if that goes at the expense of a little steering). In addition, it seems the combination of the LRC (Low Roll Center) and the V2 spec shock tower I used make the car more forgiving with respect to oversteer.

    If I have to make a comment on room for improvement, Iíd say it is in the contrast between on-power/off-power steering: Off-power it could use a little less so it can be thrown in even more aggressively, on-power it could just use a tad more. Overall though I must say for me the setup really works for me: I no longer feel like Iím trying to manage the car to go around the track as quickly as possible, Iím trying to keep myself focused for 5 minutes to drive 110% :-)

    PS: In the pictures is my DEX210 with a LWB chassis. I did NOT use this during the race, itís a mod Iíll be trying soon. Apart from the chassis, the car in the pictures is the same as during the race.


    P. Dijkstra