- Team Durango DEX210 - Jorn Neumann - EOS Rd3 - Dortmund - 20-22.04.2012 -

Race report

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We got a moment to go through a lap of the track with Oskar Levin - the top ranked Swedish racer here at the EOS.

From the start I jump #1 as a double - the landing into the slippery corner at #2 is easy to spin out but hopefully I powerslide out. I give it full throttle when on the carpet and approach the step-up tabletop at #3 - where I jump onto the top of the table and launch off the back side.

If you go too hard you can traction roll here as you need to slow down and prepare for the corner before the double-single jump at #4. I jump the first double with a little 'bubba whip' to get some style into my lap and then roll the single to prepare for the next corners.

The corner table on #5 - here I jump from the up slop across to downside but take it easy - too fast and the car will land on just two wheels and could easily traction roll as you straighten up for the back straight.

I take the back straight at full throttle, I don't let off the throttle until maybe 6-7m before the apex, then start to steer which slows the car enough for the corner without me touching the brakes.

The two double-jumps at #7 - I take the first as single single, it's only possible to try to double this if you go wide or are a maniac! The next double is taken easily as one.

#8 is another double - I take this somewhere between middle or the inside to line up and hit the next apex at #9 and go diagonal over this single jump, getting only small airtime. I brake at this corner before driving round to start another lap.