- Team Durango DEX210 - Hubert Honigl - Austrian Nationals Rd1 - Styregg - 20.05.2012 -

Hupo Hönigl reports on the opening round of the 2012 Austrian 10th off road national series, where he took victories in both 2WD and 4WD with his Team Durango vehicles.

The First round of the Austrian Nationals was held in Steyregg, which is a very unique track with a lot fast corners and really low traction; The weather was beautiful and the club did a good job with preparing the track!

In 2wd it took me a little while to get used to the track; In qualifying local hero Hans-Jürgen Tormann, who was a former European A-Finalst was quickest and got TQ in front of me. In the Final we had a very good battle which I won in the first 2 finals for the overall win with the DEX210. Team Durango had the most cars in the main with me winning, routined Marcus Prihoda in 8th; 2 young locals also made their first A-main with the 210 at the Austrian nats as well – Tristan Hackl and Manuel Hintringer finished 7th and 9th after showing some good speed, but both had some bad luck in the mains.

My 4wd was very good again during the whole race and I took TQ and won the event; Martin Kreil who did the quickest lap of the event with his DEX410v3 finished in an unloved 4th position; Marcus Prihoda finished 5th and Harald Brunner finished in 9th first time out with his 410.

We had again the most cars in the A mains with some more cars possible who should have made it…

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