- Team Durango DEX210 - Front Hexagon Modification -

By John Crawford

Parts used.
Team Durango Steering Knuckle Set (2) [TDR330382]
Kyosho Steel Axle Shaft Set (RB5 WC) (2) [KYOUM569]
Team Durango 5x10x4mm Ball Bearing Set (4) [TDR601002]
Kyosho 5x7mm Aluminum Servo Saver Collar Set (Blue) (4)[KYOW0149]

The axial was a little to long for me so I cut them down. Below you can see one that I cut and one uncut. It is a pretty easy mod. Took me about 15 min cutting down the axials.

comparison with the stock set
From this picture you can see that with this mod the front axial will be in the 3mm position. That is what I normally run so it works for me.

Here I was measuring the back spacing to the inside lip of the rim. To keep the stock spacing you will need to run 4mm of shims on the hex side.