- Team Durango DEX210 - Ellis Stafford - Triple Crown Series - Faversham - 10.02.2013 -

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Ellis Stafford Wins Faversham Triple Crown Series

Team Durango pro team driver Ellis Stafford has started his 2013 off-road campaign as we all expected with a triumphant series win. Ellis piloted his DEX210 to a second in round that added to his previous rounds success of a first and third place podium finish. The total points score across the three round series saw Ellis take the title as Triple Crown Champion.

Ellis was hot on the pace of Darren Bloomfield during the final round of this closely contested series. The track action was always going to be a close battle, with Ellis improving his lap time by just under a second across the days racing. Ellis reported that he worked hard to fine tune his cars set-up as he knew he could find more pace on the challenging high grip track.

This was the first full carpet track that Ellis had driven his DEX210 on since joining Team Durango at the start of 2013. There is no doubt that Ellis has a heightened skill when it comes to adjusting his car set-up to maximise potential.

The day saw Ellis alternate front and rear shock spring rates and make small adjustments to his rear toe settings. Ellis reported that his DEX210 responded well to his set-up changes and he was able to feel an increase in front end steering and straight line stability as he drew in Darren Bloomfield who was leading by half a second.

Ellis pushed Darren really hard during the three leg A final and was unfortunately missed by a marshal for nearly 10 seconds after a small mistake in leg one. Leg two saw Ellis win with a fastest lap of 17.9 seconds. Ellis attempted to close a three second gap between himself and Darren Bloomfield in leg three that resulted in a brave attempt to pass Bloomfield in the closing stages of this final leg. At the buzzer Ellis was second overall which was enough to see his efforts rewarded with winning the series and being crowned champion.

Ellis and his DEX210 are already ‘mixing it’ with the very highest level of off-road competition. We congratulate Ellis for an awesome performance at the Faversham Triple Crown Series and look forward to watching his world class racing skills in action for Team Durango as 2013 develops.