- Team Durango DEX210 - Dylan Gerard - The Ohia RC Factory - 23.10.2011 -

First race with the car today. I have to say I'm impressed. Can't believe how much steering the car has. I ended up with the longest wheelbase possible(inline all the way forward and rear hubs all the way back). The car is very stable and loves to be driven fast! I can fill out a setup sheet if anyone is interested. I was running on a very high bite track, the ohio rc factory, if anyone is familiar with it. What I liked most about it was, coming from an 1/8 scale racer, I can drive it fast with all the steering and the rear end never breaking loose.

The things I had issues with was the rear plastic toe block. It seems like the plastic is really weak and the hinge pins bust out of them easily.. Just don't wreck right? And like others, the ball cups popping off. But that's the only complaints I have. The build was stellar, it looks freaking awesome, and it drives really well. I let another racer drive it and he was impressed. It got a lot of attention, good and not so good, but at the end of the day most was good.

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