- Team Durango DEX210 - David Perez - CRCRC - 22.10.2012 -

24mm ride height
-1 deg camber
30 deg castor
3mm trailing
5mm bump steer
1mm between castor block (top & bottom)
shock - mid on tower/outside arm
camber link - inside tower w/2mm spacer/outside hub
1.3x4 pistons
Losi 27.5 oil
black spring
2mm internal limiters nub cut off on bulkhead

24mm ride height
-1 deg camber
3 deg anti-squat
3 deg toe in
camber link #3 on hub w/2mm spacer on inside
hubs middle
shock - mid on tower/arm
1.3x4 piston
Losi 25 wt
dark green spring
shorty pack in middle, Exotek brass weight under servo, TD alum rear hubs/2.5mm spacer, JC wing w1.2in cut off, JC Finnisher, SP 8.5V3 geared 81/24, mid hole on Exotek steering rack.

JConcepts Barcodes -gold w/your fav inserts. Tires will be the biggest factor so run what the fast guys are running.

Was real good at CRCRC indoor med/high bite. Gonna try +8 molded DIMEC20 chassis and body next time out.