- Team Durango DEX210 - Minimize DIMEC chassis breaking -

By Bill Jacobs

I have noticed that on a bunch of dex210's with the dimec chassis, the front of the chassis after the front side braces is bowed down a little because the chassis side pieces are slightly too long. This puts extra pressure on the front kick up and will cause it to break in the event of a nose in crash. The solution is to slightly sand the bottom of the chassis side pieces where they meet the webbing at the front of the chassis. You need to sand it about .25-.5mm. See the pic on the right.

In addition, I would also suggest putting a longer screw into the front brace where it screws into the chassis side pieces (about 2-3mm longer that stock.)

For the back, DO NOT Overtighten the rear cap screws that go into the rear aluminum suspension block. Use locktite on the screws and make them snug. Also, make sure that you use CAP screws and not countersunk screws.

If you did this and the chassis still breaks, consider not driving the car like an 1/8th scale buggy or 4wd sct.