- Team Durango DEX210 - Bumpsteer Elimination Modification -

Here is my bumpsteer elimination mod... vuala, zero bump steer.

-The entire assembly needs to be shimmed up 2mm under the two pivot arms.

-Flat/short metric non-locking nuts underneath the ackerman plate

-1mm spacer under the inner ball studs. Spacer height under the inner ball studs JUST high enough to keep the bottom of the ballstud from poking out the bottom of the nut ...needs to be flush (MAKE SURE TO USE BLUE LOCKTITE!) Clearance is VERY close to the control arms. I am currently running the rear ackerman hole (not set on it, but seems to provide very smooth steering)

-2mm normal-ol outer bumpsteer washers.


That's called bump steer. And yes you are correct it is because the losi studs are taller. The amount of spacers needed to reduce the bumpsteer is different now for you then it was with the stock ball studs. You can try adding spacers to the other ball stud on the hub, or imo do the Capt.America steering mod to remove all bumpsteer from the car.

The original mod from Capt.America was 2mm underneath steering rack pivot arms, 1mm under inner ballstud, 2mm on other ballstud and mount the ackerman plate below instead of uptop. Me personally I went only 1mm under the pivot arms, and 2mm on inner and outer ballstuds. I had no clearance issues on using the regular m3 thin nuts.

If you go this route with the losi ball studs you will only need 1mm on the outer and inner ball studs I think, since there 1mm taller already.