I made the A-Main again, after a long time and hard work on BD9!
And since this work paid off, despite myself fucking up the finals big time, I want to share the progress we've made with you.

So here is the very complete setup sheet of what I used setup-wise as well as a close up and personal chassis focus.

I only used a grub screw / Tamiya round head screw in the t-plate of the motormount for maximum flex in this area. Otherwise the car lacks mid corner rotation. Don't like this solution as the motor is only held in by 2 screws and a grub screw but it's the best solution so far.

I rapid prototyped the rear brace at the ETS Apeldoorn and tested it in the finals with good success, so Raceberry was kind enough to make a first batch for me for the ETS final where it gave me the same benefits it did in Apeldoorn.

Connecting the split rear blocks with the carbon brace gives more rotation and a free-er car, which results in more cornerspeed and a less locked in feeling.
They come as a set of 3 in different thicknesses for tunability and are available now from Raceberry - Luxury RC Auxiliaries.

Special thanks to LRP GmbH for providing me with batteries for this outdoor season.
All other products can of course be sourced from Team Yokomo and Savox