- VBC Racing WildFireD08 Dynamics Edition 1:10 Touring Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK22 -

The VBC Racing WIldFireD08 Dynamics Edition is packed with optional parts and upgrade parts selected by our top drivers around the world especially for the outdoor setup. The new True Big Bore Short (TBBS) shocks and the LCG shock towers, aluminium cooling fan mount, full titanium coated pins and V2 body height adjuster will be included in this kit. We have also put in our latest new stabiliser linkage system.

The kit is now ready for pre-order and expect shipment by beginning of June 2016.

Option/Upgrade Parts Included in the VBC Dynamics D08 version car kit:
- True Big Bore Short (TBBS) Touring Shocks Set D-05-VBC-0236
- SMJ SIlver Line Springs
- WildFireD08 Graphite LCG Front Shock Tower for TBBS A-01-G-30982
- WildFireD08 Graphite LCG Rear Shock Tower for TBBS A-01-G-30983
- Cooling Fan Mount D-05-VBC-0181
- Body Height Adjuster Set V2 (Red) D-05-VBC-0184
- Center Suspension Mount Shim(0.5mm) A-01-G30935
- One Piece Suspension Shim (0.5mm) A-01-G30938
- WildFire C-Hub Set Composite X Gold D-05-VBC-0227
- Titanium Coated TBBS Shock Shaft C-02-G31038
- Titanium Coated Upright Shaft B-02-VBC-0096
- Titanium Coated Suspension Arm Pin B-02-VBC-0098
- VBC Dynamics Stabiliser Link System D-05-VBC-0242 NEW!!!
- Yaiba Racing Delrin Joint Protector A-03-G31180 NEW!!!