- Team SpeedMerchant Rev5 - Trips - 360 Speedway - Low or Medium Traction -



Jaco Lilac (on prism rims) start at 1.65" diameter
.020 springs no preload
-1 degree camber, 3 degrees caster
Inner ball ends second hole from the center of car (middle hole) front and rear
Ride height 3.5mm
Drop of light spooge or Corally medium dampener syrup on kingpin


Jaco Yellow (on Prism rims) start at 1.75" diameter
.023 side springs no preload, just touching
SpeedMerchant Blue spooge in the tubes
Red shock spring, 40wt oil in shock (IRS TopGun shock)
Ride height 3.5-3.75 mm
Pod droop 1mm gap at hingeline with shock at full extension
Pod droop .5mm race ready without body


Parma Speed8 for stock
Parma Speed8HD for 19 turn

Very nice for stock and 19turn at 360Speedway

Use red spooge on the tubes for lower traction.