- SpeedMerchant Rev5 - Donny Lia - Snowbirds - 01.02.2009 -



Jaco Prizm Lilacs trued to 1.60" glued all the way up
Camber and Caster arms in the middle, stock ballstud height
-1 dg. Camber
3.5 dg. Caster
Front tires shimmed out .040"
.20 Front springs
Green Spooge on kingpins
3.25mm Ride height


30 wt. Oil in Shock
Red Center Spring
Old school associated antenna mount with long ballstud
Blue Tube spooge
.21 Side springs turned down just touching the links
3.25mm Ride Height
1.5mm Pod droop


Jaco Prism Yellows Trued to 1.70" glued only at Rim
3.5mm Ride Height at rear of pod
172mm Rear width

Both cars ran Black Art body, 41/72 Gearing with Tekin RS 189 Software at full timing in sensored only mode with Speedpassion 17.5

I had fastest lap of the event with 10.2 and Sal had 2nd fastest lap of the event with a 10.3, both cars were dialed.