- SpeedMerchant Rev5 - Base Carpet Setup -



.020" Springs
1.5 Dg. Camber
3.5 Dg. Caster
1 dg. toe-in
Camber/Caster Links mounted middle/middle
3.5mm Ride Height
Green Spooge on Kingpins
Jaco Lilacs - 1.67"


Old School tall antenna mount (to get correct shock angle)
Red Spring
2mm pod droop
3.5mm Ride Height
Battery back


172mm track width
4mm Ride height (measured at rear of pod)
Red Spooge in dampener tubes
.23 Side springs, backed 1/2 turn off side links
Jaco Yellow's - 1.75"

Start with 1/2 dope front tires, full rears. If you need more steering go to 2 dg. camber. If you need even more go to double pink fronts.