- Serpent S411 2.0 - Ryan Maker - Victorian Master - 01-03.03.2013 -

Friday Practise:
My new ERYX was instantly good on the friday practise; basically I started with Marc's carpet setup as a base, and worked from there. I found that giving the car 5mm of bump steer was good, as it seemed to feel more balanced on and off power. I used HPI Silver springs, which was a difference from Marc's setup, but I thought that generally Yokomo springd were bettwe suited to carpet. Pink/Silver ended up giving the best balance and feeling. I also changed to 5/4 droop as the track was bumpy and fairly hot conditions.

Saturday Qualifying:
There was one last practice round Saturday morning, and considering I hadn't used Yokomo springs and I was happy with my car, I decided to give them a try. I used Pink/Blue and suprisingly they worked really well on asphalt! With this setup I managed to TQ all 6 qualifiers, with the car staying very consistent throughout the runs.The temperature varied from 20-30 deg celcius, yet the car stayed easy to drive and never lacked steering or traction.After Qualifying it was me ahead, with Associated driver Sandy Iavazzo 2nd and Tamiya driver Antoni Caretti 3rd.

Qualifying Results:
TQ: Ryan Maker (Serpent)
2nd: Sandy Iavazzo (Associated)
3rd: Antoni Caretti (Tamiya)
4th: Jordan Cullis (Associated)
5th: Justin Vergunst (Tamiya)
6th: Chris Stack (Xray)
7th: Tom De Nardis (Tamiya)
8th: Zenkins Wong (VBC)
9th: Corey Broadstock (Xray)
10th: Hau Shum (VBC)

Sunday Finals:
Only one set of tires were able to be used for all 5 finals, so this meant the car had to be really good on old tires! I won the first final on new tires by a huge 6 seconds over Antoni, the car felt really good. In the second final I broke a CVD Pin on the first lap, but it also meant I got to save my tires. In the third final I stripped a spur gear while winning, more problems! I won the Fourth final by 2 seconds over Antoni, with Sandy coming in third. The last final was the decider, Antoni just tagged me on the first lap causing me to roll over a barrier and miss the timing loop, however the lap was corrected at the end of the race, thus I finished second behind Sandy, giving me 1,1,2. Antoni Had 1,2,2 so he finished 2nd overall with Sandy Iavasso coming in 3rd overall

Final Results:
1st: Ryan Maker (Serpent)
2nd: Antoni Caretti (Tamiya)
3rd: Sandy Iavazzo (Associated)
4th: Chris Stack (Xray)
5th: Justin Vergunst (Tamiya)
6th: Tom De Nardis (Tamiya)
7th: Corey Broadstock (Xray)
8th: Jordan Cullis (Associated)
9th: Zenkins Wong (VBC)
10th: Hau Shum (VBC)

Thanks very much to Serpent for the great new ERYX and for their ongoing support.



R. Maker