- Serpent S411 2.0 - Rasmus Tobias Callesen - DRCMU 5 - Aalborg - 24.02.2013 -

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Date: 24.2.2013
Race: DRCMU 5
Track: Aalborg RC
Condition: Carpet technical/mixed 20 degr. C low/medium grip
Class: Modified
Result: 3.

Up to the race
This year I have been to three DRCMU races. Every time with the same result: a fourth place just outside the podium. I wanted this to end. I did some practice on my home track and I managed to equalize my track record, even though I did not prepare my car special to the track. I tried a couple of different setups to understand the new Eryx, and it reacted as wanted. I looked forward to the race.

Practice at the race
Last time we were in Aalborg, the grip was really bad. This time it was still not good but it was better. In the practice I tried a different setup every time I drove. Unfortunately, my times went in the wrong direction. Talking to the other drivers at the race, they all had the same. In the evening I went back to my starting point, and the car was better. I made only small changes and I was satisfied with the performance. I had a small amount of understeering, but I could deal with it. It looked again to be a fight between the same four guys like at the previous races.

The qualifying started with two rounds of practice with the best three consecutive laps to be counted for seeding for the qualifying. In both rounds I got a third place. I was also happy with the performance over five minutes. In the first qualifying round I once again made a third place a safe run with two or three tiny faults. In the second round I made a second place no faults a clean run. There were only two tenths of a second between my best lap and the average lap. In the third round it got really tight. After the five minutes were gone, the difference between number one and four were less than two seconds. I got once again a third place this time with only fifteen hundredths of a second between fastest and average lap. I should start from the third spot on the grid. In all three qualifying rounds number five was about ten seconds behind number four. It looked like the other races. Obviously I hoped for a better result this time. No more fourth places for me.

The finals turned out to be exciting for me. In the first final I got in the lead after four laps. The first two drivers touched each other and I could pass them both. I then had a lead with about two seconds ahead of the next car. Although I lost maybe one or two tenth/-s of a second every second lap I stayed cool and drove safe. Then I made my first and only fault the whole day just four laps before the finish line. I drove too hard out of a corner and caught a wooden edge and made full roll. That was enough for Steen Graversen to pass me and win the first qualifying round with one second above me. The second qualifying was also exciting, but this time I was pushed from behind. I had a good start, but on the second lap I did not caught the straight perfect, and I got under pressure. He pushed me off, but he waited for me. I then could slightly pull away from him, as he pushed very hard to follow me and made small errors. I was too far away from the first two drivers to fight me back. I got a third place. The last final was almost like the second. I once again did a good start; in the start I got under pressure from behind; and I could slowly pull away. I ended up as third again, and finally I could climb the podium, as I finished the race on the third place.

After the race
I am really happy with the result in Aalborg. The four drivers in the front were so tight, that one fault could change the result between them. I made only one fault and therefore I could climb the podium. The next race is in three weeks on a new track In Odense. I look forward to the race with new energy. Meanwhile I have planned to do some practice and test setup.

The Eryx is an amazing car. It is so easy to drive fast. I know, I have written it before, but it is true. I again let some other drivers try my car after the race. They were pretty surprised, how the car reacted. I am sure we soon will see more Snakes on the tracks in Denmark.

One driver Patrick Hornum, who has more than 15 years of experience in rc and who tried my car at the last race got his S411-Eryx on Saturday afternoon at the race. He built his car at the track, and he had his first roll out in the evening. The next day he ended up ahead of me on the second spot. He was satisfied with the performance of the car. He and I will over the next weeks do some practice together and exchange our experiences.

I want to thank Serpent and especially Ronald and Jirka for the sponsoring and Marc and David for the development of the S411 series.

See you all at the racing tracks.

Best regards
Rasmus Tobias Callesen