- Serpent S411 2.0 - Marc Fischer - Snowbirds Nationals - 03.02.2013 -

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Snowbirds report 2013
Florida, USA

On Saturday I arrived in Orlando on Sunday and I went to a track nearby to practise with 411 ERYX in TC. My 1:12 the Serpent S120 LTX I still had from the World Champs 2012, with this car I drove the last time in Heemstede.

Monday the Snowbirds track was open, and I was able to re-build the cars and get ready so it can immediately start Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning free practise from 5:00 7:00. Then practise in groups till about 15:00!
Wednesday then the same as Tuesday from 5:00 7:00 free practise and then controlled practise in groups till 15:00 again!

In the practise sessions I have tried a lot with the cars! 1:12, as well as with my 411 ERYX touring cars.

1:12 I went for the first time the Ulti tires which have felt good from the start. It took time to get my new speedo stuff working but with help from Dominik Reschke we got it done and on Wednesday at the end of the training it was fine!

TC I tried different oils, different diffs and drove 2 cars! In the end, I drove my car from the 2nd ETS, which was ok, but it was still a bit too slow in response, I needed a more aggressive car, so I ended up making the geardiff harder and more limited suspension travel front and rear, which was also better then!

Thursday then again from 5:00 7:00 free practise and from 7:00 onwards 2 heats in 1:12 and TC!
1:12 / heat 1. I could immediately take third place and the car felt good!
1:12 / heat 2. I could improve myself, but a rear tyres was not as good, so 4th driver was close.
TC / heat 1: 1 I was able to take 3rd and the car felt quite ok!
TC / heat 2 : I put more weight to the back to get more steering and it worked well and my time was 2 sec faster and I could take place 2.

Friday then again 5:00 to 7:00 and from 7:00 free practise, but only 1 run per class.
1:12 / heat 3. In the warm-up lap car felt good, but in the race I had no boost. The sensorcable broke so that was it.
TC / heat 3: I made fresh shocks and diffs , a little harder in the rear with oil. I improved my times, but missed only 0,5 sec to take TQ.

Saturday, then again from 5:00 7:00 free practice and then the last heats !

1:12 / heat 4. For the last heat I made fresh tyres and oiled less on the rears. Car felt great in the warm-up lap. Right from the start I could take the lead and build up a nice gap of 5 sec in the end and took TQ, yes !!
TC / heat 4: I started on 3 and cold take pos 2 fast. I even led the race few laps, but then made an error and damaged the steering. I had to slow down, and could still finish in 3rd, loosing the 2nd place in qualifying, dropped to 3rd overall. TQ pace was there and car felt supergood anyway.

TOP 10 1:12
TQ. Marc Fischer. Serpent S120 LTX
2nd Paul Lemiux
3rd Keven Herbert
4th Markus Mobers
5th Alexander Hagberg
6th Mike Hanyes
7th Andrew Knapp
8th Dave Ehrlich
9th ?
10th Josh Cyrl

Forward TOP 10 TC Modified
TQ. Alexander Hagberg
2nd Andrew Hardman
3rd Marc Fischer. Serpent ERYX
4th Paul Lemiux
5th Keven Herbert
6th Mike Haynes
7th Francesco Martini
8th Martin Hudy
9th Lars Treder
10th Josh Cyrl

Sunday Final Day 1 each final in 1:12 and touring car Modified!

1:12 A Finals
From the start, I could start building a gap on the field and was able to stretch the gap by 4.5 sec in the end with fast laps all the time. I could lead all the race till the end and took the win for Serpent S120 LTX !!

TC A Finals
At the start I had to fight to keep 3rd place, but soon I could overtake hardman and try to close in on Hagberg. When the gap was only 0,5 sec, I made a small error when overtaking a backmarker and lost 1,5 sec. But could easily keep 2nd place till the end.

I won Modified 1:12 and was 2nd in TC Modified, so I could birngf home the Snowbirds RING for onroad Modified.
Snowbird National Champion 1:12
TQ 1:12
Fastest lap 1:12
Fastest Lead 1:12
Overall On Road Champion 1:12 + TC 2013

Thanks again to my sponsors: Serpent, Arrowmax, Thunder Power, Hobbywing, 2 Speed Racing, Toni sports, MR33, xenon, Sanwa,
Thank you very much

More images: http://rcactionpics.com/gallery/2013/snowbirds/