- Serpent S411 2.0 - Marc Fischer - DHI Cup - Odense - 12-13.01.2013 -

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Race Report DHI Cup 2013

Free practice 11.01.13
At the beginning we all (all brands) had issues as the track had no grip but amazingly our cars always flipped over. We suspected that it was due to the bumpy track. We changed to softer rear oil, harder front springs and wider rear axle and this cured it.

1st heat
The car felt good but unfortunately I had to many small mistakes and finished in 14th position.

2nd heat
For the 2nd heat I built new shocks and a new diff. The car now felt much better and I finished in 2nd place.

3rd heat
In the 3rd heat we changed a few things to give the car more steering. I managed TQ with the fastest run of the weekend in 23:5.00

4th heat
We changed the front camber from 1.5 to 0.5 and the rear camber from 1.5 to 1 degree.
I finished the qualification in 2nd position with 2 points.

Ranking after 4 runs:
TQ Adrian Berntsen
2. Marc Fischer Serpent ERYX 2.0
3. Ronald Völker
4. Alexender Hagberg
5. Kuitvonen
6. Steen Graversen
7. Martin Hudy
8. Magnus Vässmer
9. David Ehrbar Serpent ERYX 2.0
10. Jan Asmer Serpent ERYX 2.0

With 3 cars in the main final at the DHI was very satisfactory for us, as it was also the first official race with the new Serpent S411 ERYX 2.0. Please note the following new parts:
Chassis 2.0 (hard) = optional, 2.25 one remains standard
New front and rear splitblocks
New servo holder
New lower front and rear shocktower
New short front and rear shocks
New harder front and rear wishbone
New composite gear- diff
We were very confident about the upcoming 3 final runs.

1st final
From the start I could make some pressure on Adrian but after about 2 minutes I made a small mistake. I finished in 2nd position by only 0.9 sec.

2nd final
Immediately after the start both Adrian and I had already a little gap to the rest of the field. By a mistake of Adrian Ronald and I could pass him. I had to brake as I touched the curb at the same place as Adrian and side by side with Ronald to the next corner. I had to brake once more and Ronald passed me. I finished again in 2nd and finally a podium place.

Final run
Once again, a gap between Adrian in first position and the other competitors. We followed him and had a good fight. Ronald was able to pass me after 3 minutes but I could close the gap easily. Unfortunately it was not enough for the overall win (only 0,5 sec.) At the end I finished the race in 3rd position with the new Serpent S411 ERYX 2.0

The cooperation within the Serpent Team is excellent!!

I would like to thank Michael Salven, Ronald Baar, David Ehrbar and Anna.

Final result
TQ Adrian Berntsen
2. Ronald Völker
3. Marc Fischer Serpent S411 ERYX 2.0
4.Alexander Hagberg
5.Steen Graversen
6. Jan Asmer Serpent ERYX 2.0
7. Kuitvonen
8. Martin Hudy
9. David Ehrbar Serpent ERYX 2.0
10. Magnus Vässmer