- Serpent S411 2.0 - Hugo Miguel - Portuguese Nationals - Sintra - 28.04.2013 -

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2nd round of portuguese TC, with podium finish for S411!

On the 28th of April 2013, took place the 2nd round of the Portuguese electric touring car championship, at CRO track near Lisbon.
This weekend was very painfull for the drivers because a very cold wind storm arised. Polen and debris resurfaced the track during saturday´s practice.
Luckily on Sunday the track was not dusty, but traction was very little.
During the heats everybody struggled with setups and specially the tires, they couldn´t handle full 5 minutes with the same amount of traction. In the end of the third qualifying, the tires were completely worn out.

I couldn´t do better than 4th at the qualifyings.
In the finals the wind blowed stronger and we had to drive very carefull, when the car was against the wind would turn sharper, when was in favor we had to break about 3 meters earlier to make the corners!
In the end of the game I got a nice 3rd place in the hands of the Serpent S411, with Joao martinho in 2nd and Helder Silva in 1st!
Next round will be at Torres Novas track, where it will be held the Euro´s this year.
I would like to thank RRF Modelismo for the support.

Hugo Miguel
Serpent Portugal / RRF Modelismo