- Serpent S411 2.0 - Gary Lanzer - MHIC - Denver - 13.04.2013 -

We arrived in Denver early Weds to take advantage of setting up out pits and running on the club track. First thing that came to mind was how high the traction on this track gets to, something I'm really not familiar with. Ran the Thursday club race in 2 classes, stock 17.5 blinky and Mod. Never could break into the top group of 17.5 blinky, but did manage to win the B main with a time that would have mid packed me in the A, so I was pretty happy about that. Unfortunately the Mod results where less than what was desired, as I have about 6 total runs in Mod, and at our home track Mod is something we just can't run due to such a small track. In any matter it became apparent to me that I would switch from Mod and run in the 13.5 class. This enabled me to run the same car in the two slower classes and concentrate on getting a better setup. After all the qualifying was over, I qualified 13th in 17.5, which was a real dogfight only seperating positions by tenths of seconds. In 13.5 I managed to qualify in 10th and finished in that position after the triple A mains. I was surprised to see Bill Sydor running one of the ERYX cars and consulted with him quite a bit for his expertise in high traction tracks, Thanks Bill. I wish I had let him try the 2.50 top deck to see what he thought of it, as it really helped myself and another Serpent driver make the cars much better for the high traction. Bills cars where really good so I didn't want to take anything away from what he was doing as it seemed like he was the one to beat. All in all a pretty good weekend for the Serpent cars that where running there.

Gary Lanzer
Serpent USA

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G. Lanzer