- Serpent S411 2.0 - Ed Clark - Wynuum - 03.08.2013 -

Had first run for a little while last night, in preperation for our State titles in a month or so. Headed down to the bayside track, where last time out I managed to have the car working very well. Started out on the same settings, with the exception of a spool in the front of the car.
First few runs in practise I ran rather old Panaracer36's, so wasn't too fussed with the times being posted, and wanted to check a few setting changes and check the differences. Many changes were bodyshell (was undecided at this stage), Front gear diff (liked it), front arm sweep (2.0/1.5 blocks front blocks), and putting the bottom centre motor mount screw back in.

Main thing I wanted to check out was using Ride REX 34 tyres for the first time, as we would be using these as the control tyre for the titles. First run out on them didn't last too long, as the spur stripped on the second lap. Thankfully, just a hang over from an accident the previous run where a stock car crossed the track right in front of me going flat out on the straight... and as that was the only thing that broke, pretty impressive durability!

Main thing I found straight off with the REX's, they don't rotate the same way as the MM Rush36's I had used previously with that setup. It was strange in some way, in that is was more front end washing, than the rear being tied down.

First qualifier I chucked out the window, by doing a body swap mid run, as I wanted to confirm for sure the difference between a Speed6 and LTC... interesting findings in that whilst the Speed6 felt nicer to drive, and felt faster the LTC was quicker.. both in terms of fastest lap, and average over 7 laps (17.7s played 17.9s). I will revist this at some point when the rest of the setup is more settled, and do full runs, but for the time being the LTC is staying on

With the first run blown because of the body swap, I thought it would be fine to get a good second qualifier... urm.. no. A combination of forgetting to take the foam spacers off the front body posts, moving the rear shocks in one hole, high speed, and a big bump equated to a quite impressive back flip down the main straight... resulting in a broken rear hub before the qualifier had even started I did manage to get it all fixed and back out for the last minute of the run, which I was quite impressed with (about a 5min turnaround!), but was still struggling to get the car to rotate in the middle of the corner.

For the first final, added more bump-steer spacers, and ackerman spacers, trying to gain more steering mid-corner. This seemed like a step in the right direction, gaining in the high speed, although still losing out in the lower speed, just not being able to get through the middle quick enough. Still managed to work my way up from tenth on the grid to third, keeping my nose out of trouble, but not really having the pace to challenge the front pack.

For the second leg, moved the battery to the back of the car, and laid the front shocks in one hole. Moving the battery back was to aim to improve rotation, and the front shock position to try and give a more consistent balance to the car. Overall, it worked pretty well, improving my fastest time of the night (and working up to 4th in the leg in the process), on what are now well worn tyres. Good progress made, and have a good direction of where to take the setup next, hopefully I can put it onto sub 17s laps next time out.


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