- Serpent S411 2.0 - Ed Clark - Logan - 05.05.2013 -

Had another good weekend at the track this week, didn't change too much on the car, as overall quite happy with my base setup now.
Main tweaks I made during the day were:
Springs - Switched to HPI silvers, as the Ride Greens were causing the car to stop mid corner. Did think about going to the Blues instead, but have been meaning to try out silvers for a while. It's interesting, but thats the first time in a long time that I've felt happy with the car on Silvers.
Front blocks - As mentioned above switched to 1.5/1.5 blocks to take out the arm sweep. Gained initial, and seemed more consistent to drive through the corners.
Front wheelbase - Prior to playing with the front blocks, I also lengthened the front wheelbase, going to a 1.5mm shim in front of the arm to match the wheelbase of the straight arms. Felt it was an improvement over shorter, but hard to put my finger on why...
Motor mount - Still running the one-piece with L-bracket, without any rear screws in the top (option 2 in the Eryx manual). However something I wanted to try for a while was something I had spotted on the Yokomo and Tamiya Raceberry cars.. and that was using a set screw, rather than a normal countersunk screw in the bottom. Now, I only use the front screw when running that mount anyway, so just locktited a 8mm setscrew in place of that. Did the change mid run, so got a good feel for it. It actually helped to tighten the rear of the car up a little, but not as much as say switching to the option 2 mount style. So I think that it's a good compromise between the option 1 and option 2, and a handy tweak to bare in mind. Will be staying like this for the time being I think

Anyway, next time out, I've got a few things to try... Wider front and rear suspension blocks, Yok springs (again), and also give the split rear blocks a try in combination with the wider blocks... it's a never ending list, but now I feel like I've got a good handle on what does what with the car, so can tune it as I need.

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