- Serpent S411 2.0 - Ed Clark - Logan - 07.04.2013 -

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Had a good day at the track today, concentrated on getting testing out different shocks and a few other bits.

During the day, track evolved quite strangely... a couple of rain showers didn't really help, but having had low grip in the first final, the second leg was really over gripped!

Have to say, having struggled with the car last time out, today was much better.
The four hole pistons have done exactly what I wanted, and made the car much more settled, especially over bumps, and with the thicker oil, kept similar, if not improved, damper control.
Kept the 550wt oil in the shocks for the day, ran out of time trying to switch to the 500wt, so will keep that on the list for next time... still better than the 3hole/450wt though!

Ran through a few spring changes again... liked the Ride greens in the lower grip, but blues were deff faster when the grip came up (duh!). Moved the rear shocks out one hole initially on the greens, but ended up going back to hole 2 after changing the rear diff oil.
As for the diff.. I ended up having an issue struggling to get the inital throttle on in a couple of corners, so dropped from 3k to 2k, which helped with this issue, and again made the car easier to drive in the lower traction.

Last thing I tested was front blocks, going back to the 2.0/1.5 combo that I used before on the TE. Initially, I kept the same wheelbase on the front. Now, putting the sweep on shortens the front wheelbase, simply due to the angle of the arms. This has the effect of putting weight over the front... which, from previous experience, takes away steering. Suprise suprise, whilst I did fell that the mid corner/exit was better with the sweep, getting the car initially turned was a struggle.
So next run I lengthened the front (only by 0.5mm mind), to compensate for the reduction caused by the sweep. This did gain back some of the steering I was after, but by that time the track had done it's switch-a-roo, so confirming anything was tricky.