- Serpent S411 - Ed Clark - Logan - 09.02.2013 -

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As promised, picture of my horn with steering at centre. With this setup (note also the non-drop down link), I have EPA's equal, and 115% d/r achieves full lock (Sanwa radio gear). I only run 105-110% though, gives enough on track though.

Anyway, had my first meeting with Eryx on Saturday night. Started out with a combination of kit setup and what I had been running. Felt nice on track, if lacking on power steering, and not wanting to rotate. Anyway, by the end of the night, had moved to a setup with a lot more rear bias (battery as far back as possible, 3mm wheelbase), and also changed the springs and shock positions.
Overall made positive gains for the balance (if not pace, mainly due to the very old tyres), gaining a lot of on power steering and rotation, without losing stability.

Thinking on it a bit further, and comparing the new and old cars on the bench tonight, it feels like the new car needs a slightly harder front spring, but overall softer due to the lower CoG. Also seems to work a lot better with the weight back too.

Overall very happy with how the first run went (only a couple of little new car niggles), although it has given another long list of things to test out next time. First items on the list are softer springs, longer rear wheelbase, heavier diff oil.