- Serpent S411 2.0 - Ed Clark - Club Meeting - Bayside - 27.04.2013 -

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Had my worst and best night with the Eryx night, all rolled into one meeting...

Wasn't planning on racing this weekend, but by friday night I got a thumb itch, so packed up the car and headed to Wynnum. Was a little behind the 8ball, as I hadn't received the spare composite gears for my V3 diff, so had to pull the old V2 with plastic gears out of the stock car, and put that in instead. It is noticeably heavier than the new diff, and doesn't feel as smooth either, so not ideal.

Basically left the same setup on the car as from last weekends Interclub, with the exception of the diff, and going up to Ride Blues from Greens. First run in practise was pretty good, car felt fast... although ended up taking out a spur gear. No biggy, right? umm, no.... after doing another two spurs in the next three runs, I was about to pack up and head home! Thankfully, with a bit of help from my mates at the track, we traced the issue down to using stainless steel motor screws. Seems they were slipping a minute amount on the mount, specifically at the end of the main straight, where there is a bump right in the middle of a heavy braking zone. Switching back to normal kit screws, no further issues for the night.
Did try a few settings in those runs, switching back to the standard top deck from the braced version (didn't notice much difference tbh), and went back to the option 2 mount to free the rear up.
Having solved the spur stripping issue, it was the final qualifier. With the track having gripped up quite a bit, took some camber link shims out to help keep the corner speed up, as i had felt in the (very brief) first Q run, it was over-gripped. This worked well, and ended up holding the fastest lap of the leg, until the very last lap.

For the first final, put Xray 2.7 linear springs on the car. Look kinda funny with the collars wound down On track, felt smoother and easier to drive than the Ride Blues, but also felt like it wasn't quite holding the same corner speed, and maybe not quite as fast over a lap. Decided to keep them on the car for the final leg though, as I had other things I wanted to try, and having won the first final (ironically, my mate who fixed the spur stripping issue and was leading, stripped one of his own!), was in with a shout of winning a clubbie

For the last one, finally tried an item that has been sitting in my pit box for months, and that was a front gear diff. I had filled it with some mouldable ear plugs, with a drop of oil, and also used 4 steel gears for durability. It's pretty darn tight, can't turn it by hand out of the car. Had been wanting to give it a run for a long time, so threw it in and.... really quite liked it. I also made a tweak to the bump steer spacers, taking 1mm out, and that in combination with the diff, helped to make the car a little less reactive on the steering initially, whilst also getting into the succession of tight hairpins at the end of the lap better. Did give up a little of on power steering, and maybe not as good on the brakes.. although having only one screw holding the front upper bulkheads on probably didn't help there

Overall, very happy with the progress made in the past few weeks, car (and driver, albeit more slowly!) improving.