- Serpent S411 2.0 - Ed Clark - Club Meeting - Bayside - 30.03.2013 -

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Not a great night test last night, spent quite a while trying things and only really getting happy with the setting after racing (typical... ).

Anyway, on the list to test out were front blocks, and springs (again). Started out with the same setting as last time, on the Yok Springs, and in all honesty, it wasn't much cop. Track had been prepared a bit differently, and the car was hard to drive, and very nervous. Lots of steering, too much.

First change was to go from 1.5/1.0 front blocks to 2.0/1.5, so basically widening the whole front of the car. This was a helpful step forward, meaning I could lean on the front more into the turn. Still not great, with having to run little droop on the yok springs causing problems over the bumps.

I wanted to try out Ride Springs again, so switched to Ride Blue front, Green rear. However, I forgot to re-adjust the droop as well... resulting in the car doing a back flip down the back straight having hit a particularly nasty bump. Thankfully nothing broke, just lost a front body clip, not even tweaked... despite the 60ft or so flight... Finished the run, and despite a second (less spectacular) flip due to the bodyshell popping up, wasn't happy at all. Car was just too nervous for me to hang onto, couldn't be consistent with it.

Anyway, for the next run, checked the car over, and reset the droop to something more sensible (5/4.5) and it was improved. No flips, but still the balance didn't feel great. Xray 2.8f and 2.6r springs was also pretty much the same as well.

Had a little chat with Ryan Maker before the last run, and made quite a few changes. Went to 2.8's all round, along with changing the shock positions around, standing the fronts up, and dropping the rears (4F, 2R). Also went to 2.0/2.0 front suspension blocks.
In terms of balance, a good improvement, as the car could now flow through the corners much better, losing it's squaring up tendancy out of the turn.
The 2.8's did still make the car quite nervous over the bumps, so after racing I bolted on the Ride blue's front and rear. This was much better, less nervous, and I could be more consistent. If anything, now lacked a little steering.

Anyway, for the next time out, I want to try out some different shock settings, mainly 4hole pistons and heavier oils, in an attempt to reduce the pack of the shocks for better bump handling. Also want to try going back to different front blocks (namely 2.0/1.5) to see if this will help with steering, and have a few other thoughts to try out.