- Serpent S411 2.0 - Ed Clark - Comments vs S411 -

Finished my build of Eryx yesterday. Did go together very nicely, qulaity seems to have taken a step up from when what I recall on my TE, the fit and finish just seems better.
Noticeable on the countersinking of the carbon, the screws seems to nestle better. Only issues I've had are that the tops of the layshaft mounts are ground down (nicely done, but still noticeable), and the aformentioned layshaft play. And for those who haven't read the manual (Patto? ), pic of the lower layshaft bulkheads attached.

New wishbones. Well, the new compound feels good, but the bigger difference is that the wishbones are now 0.8mm thicker, and there has been some revisions to the webbing. The photo attached shows an old Hard arm, and can see the rib closest to the outside is wider, and there is changes to the webbing elsewhere. Overall, makes the arms less twistable than the old Hards... which is good move.
As RasCalDK has already mentioned, everything else is the same, with the exception of more meet around the screw holes on the steering hubs, so everything on the new cars will fit the old

New shocks are very good, built all four and got the same rebound first time. Only thing that needs to be done is to put the bladders into the top cap first, then put on the top, and screw down a little. Then push in the shaft for rebound setting, before screwing down the top cap fully. All four feel very nice and smoth, the black o-ring seems to work rather well.
Another picture is attached, shows the difference in the new towers....

The diff is nice too, built it up as kit, didn't seem to have any play issues. It does need a little bit of breaking in, as a bit notchy at the moment, but nothing a run on it shouldn't sort out.

One thing I did have reservations on was the new servo mount, but I'm happy to say that now I'm a convert... it's very nice to be able to undo two screws, two ball joints, and then have the whole of the steering system in your hand, including the servo.... sure going to make car cleans easier!
For the time being I've put 3mm worth of bumpsteer spacers in, but I have a thought that this will be dropped back.

Overall, very happy with the kit, if the performance outdoors matches how the car has been going indoors, then it should make for a good step forward