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Race Report.

We had the Australian National Titles at the Little Hampton track in South Australia this past weekend. This is a Very large 200 plus metre Nitro track with lots of off camber corners and a large uphill sweeper and downhill section that really catches out a poorly set up car. There was a small turnout due to Various reasons but those who turned up to race were still a tough crowd and the title was not going to be an easy affair. I had a battle with 4 Xrays for Tq. Current AOC stock champion Scott K took the TQ every round with the New T4 '14. I managed 5 x 2nds and a 3rd to wrap up second on the grid. Local fast guys James, David and Sam(Xray) all close behind.

The finals were a tough affair as 3rd and 4th had bolted in new motors for the finals and with it new found pace. I had been running the same(all be it strong) motor all weekend and was really feeling it in the last couple of minutes. The luxury of disposable income.

Scott was the class act of the field and drove off in all 3 finals leaving the rest of us to battle it out. I had an action packed 1st final and a racing incident in a fight for second with James had both of us rolled to the outfield and the pack drove past. I managed to fight back to 4th that race. Scott 1st, Sam 2nd, Trevor 3rd.
Second final was a much cleaner affair and i managed to take home 2nd. Results were Scott 1st, Me 2nd Sam 3rd. With 2nd and 3rd still up for grabs in the last final it was a very hectic first few laps with driver changes from 2nd thru to 5th. I had a roll over on the 1st straight and had to fight back from 5th. It was a neck and neck battle with Sam for second place over the last 5 laps and i ended up coming 3rd by 0.6 of a second and thus losing 2nd on the podium.

This was my first podium at a big event so i was still very pleased with the outcome.

Overall results were

Scott K 1st Xray T4'14 / Orca VXX / Orion Vst2 / LRP LiPo
Sam B 2nd Xray T4'13 / Hw V3.1 / Orion Vst2 / SMC LiPo
Ben K 3rd Erxy 2.0 / Orion R10 Pro / Trinity D3.5 / SMC LiPo

Thanks to Jay from WalterRC (local serpent dealer)