- Serpent S411 2.0 - Athan De Witte - Belgium Nationals Rd7 - Zwevegem - 01.09.2013 -

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On 1/9 we had round 7 of the Belgium nats in Zwevegem on the track of MRCZ wich is my home track.
This is a temporary track on a parking lot so traction is sometimes difficult.
The practice on saturday was good and was on pace compared with the competition.
This was the last round of the year and I had a small lead in the ranking.
But everything was still possible…
Sunday we had 3 rounds of qualifying.

I was able to put my car on the number two spot but it was soon clear that my driving was not at his best and suffered from nerves.
Also the car was good but not great.
We decided not to change anything on the car because the title was more important than the win and the car was good enough to do the job.

First final I made some errors but still managed to get second place in front of Dylan with whom the battle was on for the title.

Second final my nerves where trough the roof and I managed to do a fase start so had to start from the back of the grid.
I quickly went to the third place and was fighting with Dylan for the second place.
It was again a race with some errors but also some ugly moves by the competition but at the end I went to the second place and all the nerves fell of me.
The title was in the bag.

For the third and last race we changed the setup of the car as now we had nothing to lose. We followed the set up tips of Olivier Bulthynk and lowered the roll center in the back. And we also drove 0.5 camber.
Now the car had a lot of grip in the rear and was able to do the fastest lap of the day! So clearly this last final was going wel, unfortunately when I tried to move into first place Dylan forced me into the barriers and broke off my front wish bone. This was the end of the race for me.
Next year we’re moving up to superstock class.Time to play with the big boys!

End result of round 7: 1. Matthieu Ghesquiere (Tamiya)
2. Athan De Witte (Serpent)
3. Dylan Seynhaeve (Xray)

Final score: 1. Athan De Witte (Serpent)
2. Dylan Seynhaeve (Xray)
3. Matthieu Ghesquiere (Tamiya)