- Serpent S411 2.0 - Athan De Witte - Belgium Nationals Rd4 - Genk - 30.06.2013 -

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On 30/6 we had round 4 of the belgium nats in genk.
Genk is a very nice track wich has a nice mix of fast and technical sections.
Because the track is next to a dirtbike track it can be dusty with low traction but there is also a famous karting cicruit next to it and there was a EK karting that weekend and the dirtbike track was closed for the weekend. So we had a dustfree weekend.

we arrived on saterday morning 10u at a wet track and had to wait till 15u to start with free practice.
the free practice was good. We had to change some things on our setup because we prepared our car for a low traction track that we drove on a few weeks before at practice.
But now there was great traction. At 19u we stopped with practice and were very happy with the car.
Sunday morning we had the first round of qualifications. I was on the lead till lap 9 when I made a error that costed me 4 sec. at the end of the quali i was second 1sec behind Gesquiere Mathieu.
the second quali was not that good, the weather was nice and the temp went from 15 to 22, after 3 min my motor was losing power and came of the track very hot.
I finished at place 4.
My dad changed the timing on the motor for 30 to 20 but also lowered the fdr from 3.38 to 3.2.
The third final was a perfect run. I had to start on place 3 but there was a big gap between me and van dooren seppe and Gesquiere Mathieu.
By the end of the quali me and seppe were right behind Mathieu.
So I had the TQ seppe was on place 2 and Mathieu on place 3.
The first final i managed to drive from start to finish on the lead. Seppe was fighting with mathieu for second place. At the finish I had a 1.5 second lead on seppe with mathieu right on his tail,
The second final behind me there was trouble in the first two corners. So from the start i had a big gap. behind me it was mathieu dylan and seppe fighting for place 2 and 3.
At the finish I had a 7 second gap with mathieu on place 2 and dylan on place 3.
The third final seppe was pushing hard to overtake me. I went wide in a corner and seppe went on the inside so i was second, it was a very close race and when I tried to go to the lead I
touched seppe and he went into the grass but he recovered quick, I let him pass me because it was my fauld he lost the place to me.
Now it was a three horse race between me seppe and mathieu, because me and seppe lost a few seconds when we battled mathieu was right behind use.
In the last lap I managed to overtake seppe, At the finish it was me seppe and mathieu with only a difference of 1 sec.

final score was:
1: Athan De Witte (Serpent)
2: Seppe Van Doorne (yokomo)
3: Gesquiere Mathieu (Tamiya)

Next week we will race the benelux cup in Rucphen. there i will compete in the 10.5 and maybe the first time modified.
Thanks to ronald from serpent, serdar from evilhobbyshop, nio from niopaint and my dad