- Serpent S411 2.0 - Alessandro Brunelli - Italian Nationals - Gubbio - 14-15.09.2013 -

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Gubbio is without any doubt one of the best R/C venues in Italy, sporting a big track and top level facilities; this year the National title was assigned on a single event.
This brought to a good feedback, with about 100 drivers attending the race. I had some other Eryx drivers racing with me, like those of Andrea Efficace, Gabriele Vignolini and Erik Fagnocchi.

My weekend started in the best way, the car being perfect since the very first run, i only had to get some fine tuning to find the best configuration. After some runs even the other Eryx were very good, so overall a good day for our team!


On saturday we had 2 timed practices and 3 of the 5 qualifiers.
On first practice i set the 3rd time behind Martini and Ciaccheri running a set of used tyres, while Andrea got 8th, Gabriele and Erik being a little slower because of some mistakes.
On second i set the best average time on the three fastest laps, still with used tyres , with Andrea remaining in the top10 ending 9th.

The first three rounds of qualifying were very close, i did just one big mistake in the first one and losing 5 seconds. I was able to take TQ in the second round but i ended the day sitting in second position overall. Other Serpent all in B final spots, but all of them very close to the A main performances.

The car was very easy to drive, steering a lot in very close space but i felt i needed some more traction to have more speed out of corner; so i decided to go 3.5 toe degree on rear, just to be able to drive a little more aggressive without this causing any mistake.



Sky was not as clear as Saturday and the temperature was for sure lower, so the laptimes were faster. I decided to reuse the same set of tyres I used on Saturday this round, to secure the second position using the new set for the last qualify, when track would be better. Things went according to the plans, intact i got second in round5, but right before round 5 a little rain started to sprinkle and the run was canceled. I finished in 2nd position, Andrea didnít start the 4 qualy due to a spur problem in the first lap and he didnít get the points he needed to access the A main and ended up 12th overall, with Gabriele 18th and Erik 14th.


After a very close battle with Top Qualifier Martini I managed to win Leg 1.

In Leg 2 i had the chance to end the race with a win, i started pushing Martini since the very first laps, after 5 laps we had pulled away from the followers, but there came the plot twist, as I touched Francesco during lap 6 and he went out track, so i had to wait him to be marshalled to give back position and i closed 8th.

Last final: great fight and some overtakes until 30 second to end, when i was about to overtake the leader, but something went wrong, as the 3rd hit me and i lost control of the car, together with the chance to fight for the tilte.

In the B main Andrea was unlucky, he had a good car as Erik , but some races mistakes prevented him from fighting for the top positions. Erik ran two great finals  showing A main laptimes. Gabriele was not so fast as the days before, and traffic issues didnít allow him to show the right performance.

Finally 2nd is not the best, but i come back home with the knowledge that the car was perfect , maybe my best car since race in the Team.
Here laptimes :


I would also like to thank:
Serpent and Ronald
Fabio Domanin and Sprint RC
EZ Power

Alessandro Brunelli