Special features:
- 3mm high grade USA stiff graphite main chassis. Good performance for carpet or asphalt.
- Floating servo and bearing steering rack system design. More proportional and smooth steering feel.
- Inline alignment battery placement with forward/backward position selectable. Cross-chassis battery placement. Weight distribution selectable.
- Micro side dampers rear suspension design. More fine tune on rolling.
- Big bore short center damper with POM piston. More reliable on damping.
- 30mm cooling fan mounting possible.

3.0mm high grade USA graphite materials for main chassis and lower pod plate
Adjustable wheelbase (254.5mm-258mm)
Caster adjustment (1.8/3.25/6.15 deg)
Bearing steering rack system design, more proportional and smooth steering feel
Low-friction coated pivot balls and ball studs
New 7075 aluminium front upper arm mount pin brace
Polished kingpin and upper hinge pins
Hard-coated aluminium steering turnbuckles
Spring steel upper arm turnbuckle (M3x15mm)
High-grade composite front suspension plastic parts from Xenon Racing
Low-profile and mini size servo compatible
Big bore short centre damper with POM piston
Micro side dampers rear suspension design
Quick centre damper angle and position adjustments
Aluminium centre damper and antenna mount
Inline and transversal battery positions
7075 aluminium rear chassis brace mount
7075 aluminium motor mount and left rear bulkhead
7075 aluminium main shaft holder, precise adjustment ride height using spacers
2.0mm USA graphite rear motor pod diffuser
2.5mm USA graphite wide front bumper
Floating pod link rear suspension
30mm Cooling fan mount
High precision ball differential and reliable carbon main shaft
Thrust ball bearing
64P 93T (16 balls) spur gear by Xenon Racing