Here is My Reedy 510 setup and my Team Associated TC7.2 FT setups from last weekends race. Chassis setup is totally same as it was on XRS 2weeks ago but some small changes on ESC setup because of the track. Explanation below.

Brake goes from 75->80 because there was so many tight 180 corners instead of smooth round corners.

Morning I had 16kHz drive freq because traction was not so good, but during the day I went back to 12kHz as traction got higher.

I also had 0 boost during morning but as bite went up I wanted more aggressive feeling so I went back to 1.

Carpet on straight was not used so it had quite low traction even tough track it self had good bite. Straight was also quite short so I went way down with turbo. From 28 to 16 and raised it to 18 during the day.

By the way there is an mistake on roll out it is 6.81 with 34 pinion and 116 spur. Sorry about that!


K. Salmela