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Manual Credit
Digital2 Manual R1 Wurks
Digital2 LCG Manual E. Pickering
Digital2 Program Box Manual
Blank Setup Sheet
Digital2 Editable Setup Sheet Arno
Digital2 Editable Setup Sheet (Original) E. Pickering
Base Setup

Date Driver Vehicle Event ľ Place Composition Layout Traction Credit
14.10.2018 Edward Pickering(17.5/13.5) TC AOC - Yatabe Arena Carpet Tight High E. Pickering
27.05.2018 Edward Pickering(17.5/13.5) TC JMRCA - Yatabe Arena Carpet Tight Medium-High E. Pickering
13-15.04.2018 Gary Lanzer TC ATS - Edmonton Carpet Tight High G. Lanzer
31.08.2017 (10.5 and 13.5) TC France Asphalt M. Rascol
13.08.2017 Brandon Clements TC CTS - Roseville Asphalt Tight Medium B. Clements
26-28.05.2017 ThadGarner (17.5) TC Reedy Race - Tamiya USA Asphalt Mixed Medium T. Garner
21-23.04.2017 Brandon Clements TC/F1 CTS - Tamiya USA Asphaly Mixed Medium B. Clements
03-05.02.2017 Gary Lanzer (17.5/Mod) TC WCICS - Moose Jaw Carpet Medium G. Lanzer

Arn0 - 2017-01-31