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Manual Credit
R32 - Manual ORCA
Blank Setup Sheet
R32 - Editable Setup Sheet
This document was upgraded with three fields: Driver, Car and Track Composition.
Car is to indicate the type of car you run with this ESC: 1/12, 2wd, TC...
Track Composition is to map the composition of the track: Asphalt, Astroturf, Carpet, Dirt, Grass ...
R32 - Editable Setup Sheet ORCA/Arn0
ORCA R32 Pro 1.1 170316C ORCA
Tips & Tricks
Know your ORCA R32 Electronic Speed Control CTRL Systems
How you update your ORCA R32 ESC CTRL Systems

Date Driver Vehicle Track Composition Traction Credit
2019.01.18-20 Manu Wagner (13.5) TC GP3F - Longwy Carpet Medium M. Wagner
2018.11.04 Manu Wagner (13.5) TC Ingolstadt Carpet Medium M. Wagner
2018.08.18 Manu Wagner TC Andernach Asphalt Medium M. Wagner
2018.08.12 Manu Wagner TC Kirchhain Asphalt Low M. Wagner
2018.08.05 Manu Wagner TC Saarbruck Asphalt Low-Medium M. Wagner
2018.06.23-24 Manu Wagner
Jeremy Limoges
Pierre Delorme
Mathias Rascol (13.5)
Montbrison Asphalt High M. Rascol
2018.05.26 Florent Gallot 2wd/4wd Gargenville Astroturf High F. Gallot
2018.02.18 Remi Callens TC Lovan Ch. Carpet Medium R. Callens
2018.02.18 Manu Wagner TC WS - Longwy Carpet Medium-High M. Wagner
2018.02.04 Manu Wagner TC ETS - Daun Carpet Medium M. Wagner
2018.01.20-21 Manu Wagner (13.5) TC GP3F - Longwy Carpet Medium M. Wagner
2017.10.22 Manu Wagner TC Zillisheim Carpet Medium M. Wagner
2017.10.01 Manu Wagner (13.5) TC SPC - Hutschenhausen Carpet Medium M. Wagner
2017.09.09 Carven Chow TC PYC Asphalt Low C. Chow
2017.07.02 Kato Kouki 2wd/4wd Yatabe Arena Carpet High K. Daisuke
2017.07.01 Tom Kragefski (13.5) TC EC - Valencia Asphalt Low ORCA
2017.06.13 Brad Bornell (17.5) 4wd NW Hobbies Astroturf High M. Dawson
2017.04.21-23 Mark Dawson (17.5) TC Tamiya USA Asphalt High M. Dawson
2017.04.15 Mark Dawson TC UVRC Asphalt Low M. Dawson

Arn0 - 2017-04-10