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Manual Credit
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VXX Manual
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Base Setup
Elliott Harper VXX outdoor big tracks
Zak Finley VXX BRCA Large tracks
Zak Finley VXX BRCA small tracks

Date Driver Firmware Vehicle Event ľ Place Composition Track Condition Credit
2015.12.13 Alexander Hagberg TC ETS - Hvrotovice Carpet Medium A. Hagberg
2015.01.31 Alexander Hagberg TC/ 1/12 Snowbird Nats Carpet Medium A. Hagberg
2015.06.28 Alexander Hagberg TC ETS - Trencin Asphalt High A. Hagberg
2015.06.07 Martin Bayer 2wd/4wd Worlds Warm-up - Yatabe Arena Astrotruf High Pro Spec
2015.03.01 Alexander Hagberg V4.2 140823A TC TITC - RC Addict Asphalt Medium A. Hagberg
2014.12.14 P.Y. Tang (13.5) VX3 Stock TC Ride Cup Asphalt High Quantum
2014.10.18 P.Y. Tang (13.5) VX3 Stock TC IIC Carpet High Quantum
2014.09.21 Nakamura (17.5, no boost) V4.1 TC JMRCA - Yatabe Arena Carpet Medium K. Hosoda
2014.09.05 P.Y. Tang (13.5) V4.1 TC Urban Speedway Asphalt Low Quantum
2014.07.27 P.Y. Tang V4.1 TC Singapore Nationals Asphalt Medium-High Quantum
2014.07.04-06 Alexander Hagberg V4.0 140319A TC ETS - Trencin Asphalt Medium-High A. Hagberg
2014.04.06 Alexander Hagberg V4.0 140311B TC Preworlds - Kissimee Asphalt Medium-High
2014.03.23 Alexander Hagberg V4.0 140219A 1/12 EC - RC Landia Carpet Medium-High A. Hagberg
2014.03.23 P.Y. Tang V3.3 4wd Raceworks Medium Quantum
2014.03.01-02 Alexander Hagberg V4.0 140219A TC TITC Asphalt Medium-Low AME
2014.02.20-23 Alexander Hagberg V4.0 140219A TC TITC Asphalt Medium-Low AME
2014.02.01 Andrew Hardman TC Snowbirds Carpet Medium AME
2014.01.19 Andreas Myrberg V3.3 130715b 4wd EOS Berlin Carpet High AME
2014.01.12 Alexander Hagberg V3.3 130715b TC DHI Cup Carpet Medium ProSpec
2014.01.12 Elliott Harper TC EWS Carpet Low AME
2013.12.20 Elliott Harper TC Harbor Hobbies Carpet High AME
2013.12.08 Alexander Hagberg V3.3-130715A TC RCLandia Carpet High AME
2013.11.23-24 P.Y. Tang V3.3 TC KLIMS Carpet High Quantum
2013.11.03 Marco Kaufmann V3.3-130715A TC ETS - Hrotovice Carpet High-Low AME
2013.10.20 Elliott Harper
Zak Finley
VXX TC EWS Rd1 Carpet Medium AME
2013.10.27 Hosada V3.3 TC Sannoche RC Park Asphalt High ProSpec
2013.10.20 Kiyomoto (13.5) V3.3 TC Nagoya Asphalt High ProSpec
2013.10.12 Alexander Hagberg

IIC Carpet High AME
2013.08.11 P.Y. Tang V3.3-130715A TC NTCP Invite Asphalt High Quantum
2013.08.01-04 Elliott Harper
Alexander Hagberg
TC EC - Torres Novas Asphalt Medium
2013.05.12 P.Y. Tang (13.5) V3.x TC Johor Nats Carpet Medium ProSpec
2013.04.07 P.Y. Tang V3.x Mod TC Singapore Nats Asphalt Low Quantum
2013.02.24 P.Y. Tang V3 1209220 Mod TC TITC Asphalt High Quantum
2013.02.03 Alexander Hagberg V3 1209220 Mod 1/12+TC Snowbirds Carpet High Quantum
2012.12.09 Alexander Hagberg
Adrian Berntsen
V3 1209220 Mod TC Charity Race - Scandiano Carpet Medium A. Hagberg

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Created: 2012-12-13