- Much More Racing Fleta4 - PC Interface Guide -

FLETA 4 V1.2.0 Firmware Information

This is "Zero Timing" firmware. Blinking red LED at the neutral position.
Suitable for spec racers.

Suitable for 4.5T ~ 9.5Turn motor series.
Can use 1/10 scale touring car modified, 1/10 Off road 2WD and 4WD cars.
This firmware is smooth drive feeling. Also can use Boost & Turbo timing.

Suitable for 10.5T ~ 17.5Turn motor series.
Can use 1/10 scale touring car stock class. This firmware provides maximum power & top speed.

p-sto1v19-384e, p-sto1V20-4aee firmware can use forward/reverse menu.
If you use to Boost Timing or Turbo Timing menu, Please don't use reverse option.
* Please careful FLETA 4 will be damaged.