- Much More Racing Fleta4 - How to work Program setup menu -

1. RUNNING MODE : You can choice 1. Forward/Brake and 2. Forward/Brake/Reverse
                                  * Some firmware will be not support " Reverse "

2. VOLT CUTOFF (Battery protection) : FLETA4 supports Li-Po, Li-Fe Battery protection.
                                                           If you drive car for a long time, must setup to the volt cutoff voltage.

3. THROTTLE PUNCH :  You can set to the throttle punch.
                                        Setup low level is smooth drive feeling and going up to the high level is throttle aggressive feeling.
                                        * Every firmware is actually different level.

4. BRAKE STRENGTH : Going up makes stronger brake strength, going down makes weaker.
                                       You can adjust to custom setup by 1% value.

5. INITIAL BRAKE : Setup Inital brake. Up to this value change entry brake power.
                                 You can adjust to custom setup by 1% value and also set to  " =drag brake "

6. DRAG BRAKE : Setup neutral brake. Up to the value is neutral brake more stronger.
                              You can adjust to custom setup by 1% value.

7. HEAT PROTECTIONThis menu is heat protection for ESC, enables default setup.
                                         You can also off protection function. Remember, ESC cannot be protected.  
                                         *If you off to the heat protection, ESC will be damaged.

8. NEUTRAL RANGE : Setup to Neutral sensitivity.
                                    Default is 6% set to the under the 6% is more sensitive, or more higher is obtuse.

9. BOOST TIMING  : Boost Timing is giving timing for motor.
                                  You can adjust to 40% ~ 100% timing value.
                                  * Every firmware is actually different value level.

10. TURBO TIMING : Turbo Timing is giving timing only for full throttle.
                                   You can adjust to 115K ~ 150K timing value.
                                   * Every firmware is actually different value level.

11. TURBO SLOPE : Setup to Turbo Timing up and control trimming speed. 
                                 First, setup to Turbo Timing and you can control turbo timing speed menu.
                                 You can adjust to 3/0.1sec ~ Instant value.
                                  Ex) 3/0.1sec = Smooth up to the turbo timing.
                                        Instant = aggressive up to the turbo timing.

12. BOOST (START) RPM : Setup to Boost Start RPM. You can control to Boost Timing intervention.
                                             You can adjust 3000 RPM ~ 10000 RPM value.
                                              Ex) 3000RPM = starting boost timing fastest.
                                                   10000RPM = starting boost timing slower.

13. TURBO DELAY : Control to Turbo timing starting intervention.
                                                 You can adjust OFF ~ 0.8 second.

TEMPERATURE : FLETA 4 current temperature.

VOLTAGE : Current your battery voltage.

SOFTWARE : Current your firmware in your FLETA 4.

LCD PROGRAM CARD SOFTWARE V 1.X : Program card current version.