- Team Losi JRXS Type R - Yyhayyim - Low Traction Asphalt Track -


There are guys saying that the car is good on low traction asphalt, how do you go about getting it to really grip up? I started with the Todd setup everyone keeps quoting, but it had no bite in the corner.

Last meeting i did try going to an ultra soft spring on the front end, the Short Tamiya fluoros, I think these are around 8lb, I am going to try softer on the rear also to see how it goes. The front end became much more darty and turn in was substantially better.

I am just thinking that the US version of low grip is far removed from the Aussise version of low grip.

Keep in mind the T. Hodge set up for Reedy Race 2007 or ROAR 2007, is for med-high traction asphalt.

For low traction, just make the following changes:

35WT oil all around, or 30WT if its really dusty and untreated.
Use the 15lb springs up front, with 12.5lbs in the rear.
If you need a bit more front steering/bite upgrade to 15lbs springs in rear.
Also use 5A for rear camber link position, or 4A if needed.
Test with these changes and see what it does....it should be much better with these simple changes.