- Losi JRX-S Type R - Mike Dibb - Novak Race - 06.01.2008 -



0 toe
5mm ride height
long arm
1 1/2 camber
droop 1.5mm over r.h.
0 deg pivot
arms in the middle
steering rack in #1 (per Kinwald, made the car drive great)
camber link #1
no jr link short ball stud
shocks #1 position
40wt, 20lb.
also ran a one-way


5mm ride height
long arm
2deg camber
droop 1.5mm over r.h.
ran arms back
camber link 5-a no washers
2 deg pivot + 1/2 deg hubs
shocks #1/outside


56 pistons all the way around
low roll centers with .030 under mounts all the way around
AE hexs all the way around
118/43 with 10.5 and 13.5
full sauce on front and rear
Mazda speed 6

Notes: The track was extremely high bite at the start of the event the bite was a little lower and I had on 17.5lb in the front and 12.5lb in the rear with everything else the same.

What effect did the steering rack in hole 1 do to the car?

The steering rack change is kind of weird to explain it, the car reacted faster in sections like the chicane but felt smoother and more consistent everywhere. Normally faster reacting means twitchy but it wasn't at all. I would definitely give it a try.