- Team Losi JRX-S Type R - Matt Howard - ROAR Nationals - 16.03.2008 -


Here's my setup from the Nats.


20lb spring, 57 pistons, 45 wt oil, middle hole on tower
.05 sway bar
high roll center blocks
regular castor link, used inside upper hole on shock tower and short ballend on castor block
arms spaced in the middle
4 deg castor
inside hole used on the steering link (makes the steering turnbuckles longer)
5 1/2 mm ride height, 1.5mm droop


12.5lb spring, 55 piston, 35 wt oil, middle hole on tower
arms spaced to the rear
3 deg toe in
low roll center blocks
inside hole on hub for camber link, inside middle on tower
5 1/2mm ride height, 2mm droop

Protoform Mazda 6

Diffs high or low?

Diff high in front and back

Any orings on top of the bladders?

Nothing above the shock bladders

When you say "regular" ball end link on the front, that's removing the JR link?

Regular link in front, AKA not the JR link