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I'm running Mikey Dibbs setup from the Novak race. its the best setup that i have found. since i work at the place I'm on the track quite a bit. there is another guy running sweeps and he's running an xray at the full second faster. there is one other guy that works with me running a type r with a losi 13.5 and is the exact same setup and is pulling the same lap times as me.RC Performance and Hobbies


ride height-5.5
camber- 1 to 1.5
caster- 2
droop- 1 over ride height
front pivot -0
roll -.030 under low
shock -2
steering- 1
spindle- 1
camber link- 1
camber ball stud- silver
arm length- long
one way
pulley 42
diff high
hex width .165 stk
oil 40
piston 56
spring 17.5


droop - 1.5 over ride
arm spacing- middle
anti/pro- 0
hub- .5
rear pivot- 2
roll center - .030 under low
shock position- 2/outside
camber- 5a
camber link ball stud- stock
arm length- long
diff- low
oil 30
piston 56
spring 12.5

clean tires after every run. using jack the gripper. not running "jr" link.