- Team Losi JRXS Type R - John Tag - The Track - Maryland -


Indoor Rubber touring Carpet med/high bite. Semi flowing track.


Black Piston 57
20lb spring
.060 bar
Spool 41T
Spool High/Med (OD get's spool mid range)
Roll center High
Arms middle
Camber link inside high tower
Tall ball stud outside
steering #1 rack #1 spindle Tall ball stud no spacer
.195 Hex
shocks #2 hole
5mm RH
1MM droop over RH
4* caster blocks
1* Camber
Rack forward


Red Pistons #56 stock
40 wt oil
17 Lb springs
.050 bar
#3 outside on tower shocks
Shocks outside on arm
wheel base short
Stock hubs
1* block
diff High
Roll center High
Tall ball stud with .030 washers
Camber 1 1/2 *
4A Camber link
.195 Hex

LRP TC spec speedo LS car
Rec Transponder RS car
28 grams lead RS
14 front servo
28 grms under top deck
Novak Fan RS Bulkhead above motor

118x46 13.5 DUO
Sorex 28R's Cleaned with WD40-Race Prepped with Jack the Gripper
LP380035C Lipo

Mazda 6 Body
WT 1510 Grams