- Team Losi JRXS Type R - John Tag - Overall Setup -


Gear 110x45 13.5 motor 4600 Batteries
Tires Both Jaco Blues and RP30s

Springs 17 front 15 rear
Oil 40 front 30 rear
Stock pistons

Rear wheel base short
Camber link outside hub inside top tower(long)
shocks #2 in hole in tower out arm
stock rear hubs
2* block
diff high
high roll center rear

4* caster bocks
middle wheel base
High diff/spool
High roll center
shocks #2 in on tower
tall ball stud on caster block
camber link top inside
1* front block(sweep)
.040 sway bar

Car drives real easy and been to a few low bite tracks and was good.

Car does not always react to changes from other types of cars the same due to batts being in center. Craig X and Schreff has shown me this first hand.